Zero Egg Cracks U.S. Plant-Based Foodservice Market

Zero Egg Cracks U.S. Plant-Based Foodservice Market

As demand for alternatives to animal products is at an all-time high among omnivores, vegetarians, and vegans alike, Zero Egg, is cracking the U.S. market by boldly taking over the decades-old traditional World Egg Day on October 9 to introduce the first plant-based egg replacement that tastes, looks, and functions like an ordinary egg, but is entirely made with plants.Now available to all U.S. foodservice operators and food manufacturers, Zero Egg offers two products, "EGG Basics," crafted to rival ordinary eggs in traditional egg entrees and breakfast dishes, and "BAKE Basics," developed for specialty baking. Both products come in powder form with high yields that offer efficient, safe handling and storage, and a reliable and cost-effective solution.To get more news about Egg cracking machine, you can visit dinneregg official website.

"Zero Egg is a game-changer because we are working with major foodservice players and food manufacturers to transform the industry by not only making plant-based food more accessible, but the norm," said Liron Nimrodi, CEO, and co-founder, Zero Egg. "Designed with a clean taste and a texture to be used in a wide variety of dishes where eggs are traditionally used, Zero Egg offers increased flexibility and affordability."

Nimrodi co-founded the company in 2018 in The Kitchen FoodTech Hub, a FoodTech seed investor and tech incubator in Israel, to meet growing consumer demand for an egg replacement for the foodservice industry that was effective, nutritious, kind to animals and the planet, while being operationally sustainable.

Last year plant-based food sales climbed five times faster than overall U.S. retail food sales, according to The Good Food Institute, and 2020 SPINS retail sales data shows grocery sales of plant-based foods that directly replace animal products have grown 29 percent in the past two years to $5 billion.

"We're launching 'the egg for everyone' on World Egg Day to crack old food paradigms and proudly demonstrate that Zero Egg is the best choice as the only plant-based egg that does it all," said natural products industry veteran Isabelle Francois, general manager, Zero Egg North America. "We've seen a huge shift in vegan meat, milk, and cheese offerings at full service and fast-casual restaurants, especially among the flexitarian crowd. Now it's time to not only disrupt the plant-based egg category, but to become the leader of it by offering the most ethical, tasty, versatile, and economical egg alternative on the market."

Zero Egg is based on a unique blend of plant proteins, including soy, potato, pea, and chickpea proteins. It brings the power of plant-based to the health-conscious consumer from a nutritional standpoint with no cholesterol, low fat and low-calorie benefits (only 15 calories per egg substitutes compared to the average 68 calories of an actual egg).