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After an hour of messing around with the battle wow classic gold for sale system, I felt like I got the hang of it. I tried playing on both the PS3 and the Xbox 360 (both builds looked great), and by the end of the afternoon I was able to get four or five star ratings (out of five) on most of the battles against lesser foes. The tougher enemies, such as Behemoth King and a giant, dinosaur thing called an Ademanchelid (the spelling may be off, as my pen was failing and my handwriting is sloppy), still kicked my butt. But I told the early stages of the game ease you into the battle system gradually. I fairly confident that, once the retail game hits, I be able to hold my own.

We re crafted our audio engine on both next gen and current gen. We added a reverb system. In the past you would have indoor noises and outdoor noises for, say, a weapon firing. The outdoor version would have a long tail, and when you fired a weapon inside you hear a shortened version with a snappier sound. That was our extent of reverb. With the new engine, we can actually model the way the sound travels in the space you in. If you outside next to a building or inside in a small room or inside in a big room, it all detected in real time and changes the sound.

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This new wave of artists and social media influencers talking openly about mental health struggles is incredibly important when trying to combat the stigma surrounding mental health issues, especially since a significant amount of people myself included will allow their mental health problems go undiagnosed for fear of being told they imagining it or faking for attention. In reflection of that I have been trying to get an appointment with my GP to discuss my problems and hopefully obtain a diagnosis, because I am aware that self diagnosing can be as damaging as dealing with the problems while they are unidentified. I do not want to talk about my own problems without some kind of official proof to back me up.

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