WOW Shadowlands Alpha with Two Servers Now Available to Access

WOW Shadowlands Alpha with Two Servers Now Available to Access

The first wave of invites of WOW Shadowlands Alpha has started. Have you received the invite from Blizzard? Don't know how to partake in Shadowlands Alpha? Take a sneak peek at us to learn details. To get more news about WoW Items, you can visit lootwowgold news official website.

WOW Shadowlands Alpha first wave of invites being started

Shadowlands Alpha eventually takes effect. Blizzard has started sending out the first wave of invites, which means that WOW Shadowlands has enter into alpha phase. Players who receive the invites can be able to see a new version called Alpha: Shadowlands on your with The Maw and Oribos servers.

Who can enter WOW Shadowlands Alpha?

The first wave of invites can be sent to some selected players, including long-time WOW players with active accounts, Blizzard friends and family, as well as a limited number of content creators and journalists. When you receive the invite from Blizzard, you can be able to check out the Bastion zone and the Necrotic Wake dungeon.

How to join in WOW Shadowlands Alpha?

If you are invited by Blizzard, you can restart your to see whether there is the new version: Alpha: Shadowlands. When you enter this new version, you will see two servers for Shadowlands Alpha, The Maw and Oribos. And you can choose one server to start your journey of WOW Shadowlands Alpha.