Shadowlands is one of World of Warcraft's most ambitious expansions. There are times where I feel a little overwhelmed by all of its complex, interlocking progression systems. When I'm not chipping away at expanding my Covenant's Sanctum (basically my superhero HQ), I'm exploring its dark and dangerous new endgame zone or climbing the endless floors of Torghast, Shadowlands' excellent dungeon that's basically a self-contained roguelike. And then there's the familiar grind of world quests, dungeons, and chasing down hidden treasures like new mounts.To get more news about safe wow gold, you can visit lootwowgold official website.

It's a lot to stay on top of and at times a little too familiar, but much of Shadowlands' endgame is varied and inventive enough to keep things fun. It might not win over jaded players who drifted away over the years, but Shadowlands is the best World of Warcraft has been in a long while. Shadowlands bears the heavy responsibility of making up for the frustrations of Warcraft's previous chapter. In the same way that Legion had to win back fans after the disaster that was Warlords of Draenor, Shadowlands is tasked with making up for the tedious grind and convoluted story of Battle for Azeroth. I'm really beginning to tire of this jolting, up and down pattern of good and bad WoW expansions, especially when other MMOs like Final Fantasy 14 and The Elder Scrolls Online only get better and better with each new update.

Shadowlands does make huge improvements over Battle for Azeroth, though. There's no more infinite grind to breathlessly chase. There's no opaque armor system like Azerite Armor to suck the joy out of getting that coveted loot drop from a dungeon boss. And, best of all, a lot of randomness has been dialed back in favor of player choice. Instead of spending weeks praying for a specific, all-powerful Legendary item to drop only to get one that's useless to me, I can farm the materials for the one I want and build it myself. It's empowering to be the one calling the shots instead of feeling beholden to fickle gods of randomness.

This emphasis on player choice is most evident in Covenants, which are basically Hogwarts' different houses if those houses were each a distinct afterlife where souls are sent to live for all eternity. Instead of Slytherin you have Maldraxxus, a nightmarish hellscape of green where Necrolord armies battle in the Theater of Pain. That sure beats sitting in quiet contemplation like those blue-skinned chumps from Bastion, though.

Once players wrap up the story and reach level 60, they'll have to choose one of these four to join up with. Each one not only offers a different endgame story campaign, but two unique (and very powerful) abilities, armor sets, mounts, and even fun side activities like a soul garden to tend or a forge where you can assemble your own Frankenstein-esque Abominations. It's one of the biggest decisions I've made in WoW since choosing my race and class, and I love how much weight it carries.