World of Warcraft is back and dominating Twitch

World of Warcraft is back and dominating Twitch

It may be a vintage game, but people seem to be willing to give World of Warcraft Classic a shot, even if it means lining up to play.To get more news about buy wow mounts, you can visit lootwowgold official website.

The multiplayer role-playing game, originally released by Blizzard Entertainment in 2004 and relaunched on Aug. 26, dominated Twitch shortly after launch.

It was still leading the pack one day after its release, with 600,000 viewers on the live streaming platform.

That’s compared to 110,000 viewers streaming League of Legends and 109,000 watching Fortnite play.Once online, some players then had to wait in line in order to finish the tasks required to complete their quests.

Tweet from Bouncy Cali says You know it's release day when the line to kill a single quest guy looks like a line for the restrooms during a concert. Image shows avatars all lined up. This was frustrating for many, although others saw it as a bonding experience, banding together to shame any avatars that tried to butt in line.

Tweet from Yakubsan1 says Let's do it the right way. Build a line. With image of avatars all lined up. On Aug. 26, Blizzard responded to frustration over the long wait to get into the game by opening new realms on new servers and encouraging players to make the switch.

Their goal was to “help spread the player population as evenly as possible and provide the best play experience for everyone,” the company said in a message on the Blizzard online forum.

Still, some critics are expressing concern that opening more realms and spreading out the players will ruin the community feel of the original game once the initial hype wears off.