Why do I need to replace the doors and windows of a new house?

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When a new house is repossessed for decoration, many people will replace the doors and windows for safety and beauty. What is the reason? Is this necessary?

Why do I need to replace the doors and windows of a new house? The reasons are as follows:    1. In order to save costs, the original doors and windows used most of the raw materials used in ordinary building profiles, not to mention the poor feel, and the quality is poor. Such materials are resistant to wind pressure and are easily deformed and damaged when blown by strong winds.   2. The sound insulation and heat insulation effect of the original doors and windows is not ideal. The rubber strips are prone to ageing over time, affecting the appearance and service life, and there will also be air and rain leakage.   3. The original doors and windows are not in place during civil construction or the owner's construction, causing scratches and mud fall, which are difficult to repair and clean, and affect the appearance and use of the doors and windows.    4. The color used in the original doors and windows is difficult to match with the home color system, and it does not match the style, so it needs to be replaced.    home shelters you from wind and rain. It is the most comfortable and relaxing place where you need the most sense of quality. People who pursue it are paying more and more attention to the quality of home. For air-conditioning in summer and heating in winter, windows are the place where building energy is most consumed. Replace with a set of windows with good sealing and heat insulation performance, which can not only sound insulation, but also prevent noise and dust.

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