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The RFID tag has an embedded transmitter and receiver. The actual RFID component contained in a tag has two parts: an integrated circuit for storing and processing information, and an antenna to receive and transmit a signal. The RFID tag has non-volatile memory storage, and can include either fixed or programmable logic for processing transmission and sensor data.

Tags can be passive, active Wholesale Womens Jerseys , or battery-assistive passive. A passive tag is the cheapest option, and features no battery. The tag uses radio energy transmitted by the reader.

An active tag features an onboard battery, periodically transmitting its credentials.

A battery-assistive passive tag also features a small onboard battery, but is only activated when in the presence of an RFID reader.

In addition, a tag may be either read-only Wholesale Mens Jerseys , or readwrite. A read-only tag has a factory assigned serial number used for identification in a database, while a readwrite tag can have specific custom data written to the tag by the user.


The RFID reader has a two-way radio transmitted-receiver (transceiver), sometimes referred to as an interrogator. The transceiver transmits an encoded radio signal to interrogate the tag. The radio signal essentially wakes or activates the tag. In turn, the tag transponder converts the radio signal into usable power, and responds to the reader.

Types of RFID Security Access Control System

We generally classify the type of RFID system by the type of tag and reader. There are three common combinations:

Passive Reader Active Tag (PRAT): The reader is passive Wholesale Jerseys Cheap , only receiving radio signals from an active tag. Because the tag is battery powered, the transmitreception range can be from 0-2,000 feet (0-600m). As such, PRAT is a flexible RFID solution.

Active Reader Passive Tag (ARPT): The reader is active, transmitting an interrogator radio signal Wholesale Jerseys Online , receiving authentication signal replies from passive tags.

Active Reader Active Tag (ARAT): The reader is active, and interacts with active or battery-assistive passive tags.

The amount of information stored on an RFID tag varies. For instance, a passive tag may only store up to 1024 bytes of information 鈥?that just one kilobyte (KB). Laughable in terms of modern storage capacity, but enough to store a full name, identification number Wholesale Jerseys From China , birthday, SSN, credit card information, and so much more. The aerospace industry, however Wholesale Jerseys China , use passive ultra-high frequency RFID tags with 8KB storage to track part history over time. These could store a massive amount of personal data on.

Today, there are various areas where RFID Security Access Control System is being deployed.

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