While they are far from best Three Houses approaches

These are not magic courses. The thing is, the magical bowair and + gauntlets are weapons that function like charms, as they use the unit's magical attack stat and attack the enemies' immunity stat. When battle arts are in use, and, these properties are retained. So, while a normal attack in the magic bow+ is going to function exactly the exact same way a spell generally does. It is going to chip away near half of their enemies' health, and leaves a unit. But with Hunter's Volley, the mage's low rate stat is discounted, so all of the sudden the mage stops coping chip harm and is able to ORKO most of the enemies they see on player phase.

In fact they can get away with using physical weaponsbecause of sniper's strength foundation and bowfaire. An Illustration of the battle can be seen on Crimson Flower and on Verdant Wind. Now that I have clarified their potential, I'll explain what their investment prices are. The three best magic bow snipers are Hubert, Hanneman, and Mercedes. In these three cases, you do not lose anything too precious by taking away their access to spells (Fortify isn't great in Three Houses but that's a discussion for another time), and also the 3 characters possess bow boons (or a hidden talent in Mercedes' case).

Those reasons chiefly being the opportunity cost, as the aura guantlets are A rank in contrast to the magic bow+'s B rank, and no magic characters possess a boon in gauntlets. In conclusion, while they are far from best Three Houses approaches like battalion vantage+anger Dimitri or even vengeance Bernadettabow snipers are one of the class types the participant can use. It is only a little out there.

I completely agree, Brave Magic strong that is mad is something that the series has held back to asides from Dire Thunder along with an enemy thats the enemy at Madden 21. Then nothing till Awakening at which the things are even accessible in match outside spotpass and rng falls for Celica's Gale and yet another dark version iirc. Lightning has 1 might however reduces ability by 2 allowing it to be used with the downsides in Fates, although braves had a weird having impact. So it was normally a powerful option in a couple of situations but Madden 21 had enough stat stacking so doubling or even one shots were potential so it wasn't needed.

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