Whether World of Warcraft Classic could have sharding

1 topic that has been particularly pertinent among World of Warcraft's playerbase -- basically all MMOs in general, actually -- is that of sharding, that can be a way with classic wow gold of controlling host inhabitants by having players at the exact same geographical regions be not able to view or interact with each other inside the host. Asked in an interview with WoW Head whether World of Warcraft Classic could have sharding, Blizzard's Brian Birmingham said that it is something which the programmer is looking into.

"It is something which is contentious and that I know why people are enthusiastic about that," he said. "One of the things we're really dedicated to, and we are really trying to concentrate on, would be to create that authentic social network, that authentic sense of community, people knowing who you're on the server and knowing who everyone else is on the server, and so, once we state sharding, I want be clear that's a term that's often overused and misunderstood. And we're gonna have some more communicating in the months to come along with what the gaps are between that and other systems which are extremely similar to it and might have similar consequences, and we are looking at what options are available to us.

"There is a great deal of technologies going into Battle for Azeroth who have similar sorts of effects, and one that I want predict out that a lot of people confuse with sharding is phasing. And there's not any phasing in Classic. Another one is cross-realm zones, and there are no cross-realm zones. And so, when we discuss the chance of sharding, it truly is a chance that we would like to investigate and look in, and determine what we can do to make it work. We'll have more info about it in the months ahead."

Sharding is something that many players reported has been performed in the World of Warcraft Classic demo to buy classic gold wow, which led gamers to believe it would be in the final release next year too. However, as stated by the developers, the fact that it's in the demo is not indicative of whether it'll be in the complete game as well, because the primary aim of the demo was not to be an specific representation of the final item.