What are the dimensions of villa doors and windows

aluminum windows manufacturer,Windows & Doors customized   1. According to the area of ​​the villa, the size of the villa door can be measured according to the ratio of the area of ​​the villa, from 1.2m*2.2~4m*2.5. The size of the gate when planning the opening on the drawing is 1500 mm * 2700 mm. Regarding the size of the villa's gate, we also need to look at the size of the villa. If the gate of the villa planning is too large or too small, it will affect the beauty. If there is a reserved door opening: the single door is 950 mm, and the sub-mother door is 1150 mm; if the door of the villa is not custom-made, then you need to follow the above two.

  2. There is also such a saying about the size of the villa's door: a normal door has a maximum width of 90cm and a height of 200cm. If it is a child-mother door, plus the size of a small door. If there are no rules in this area, then you can set the standard directly. However, the size of the scale, safety and durability are the most important to the homeowner.

3. In general villas, the height of the window is 1.5m, the height of the window sill is about 0.9m, and the height of the floor space between the top of the window is about 2.4m. If the height of the window sill is less than 0.8m, pay attention to safety and adopt protection. Method. The width of the window generally starts from 0.6m.

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