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Is it possible that Zimmerman shot because Treyvon was STANDING HIS GROUND against a man who was a stranger to him, who approached him in Treyvon neighborhood, had been following him around enough to make him uneasy enough to mention it to his girlfriend on the phone, mention it enough that she told him to run, but he decided to STAND HIS GROUND, and not let this stranger run him out of his home area. There are no reports that Zimmerman identified himself as neighborhood watch, only asking him what he was doing and apparently in a threatening enough manner.

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By Dr. Oliver Massmann, General director of Duane Morris Vietnam LLC However, there remains great potential due to the variety of unexploited mineral resources. The discovery and mining of new minerals can be significantly facilitated with foreign direct investment (FDI). This provides the opportunity to use international, modern, efficient, sustainable, and secure technologies for the procedure. This would have a huge impact on the nation economic growth and would lead to a reduction in public debt. For most countries in the world, mining has been the cornerstone of economic growth and infrastructural development. It has been estimated that only about 10 per cent of Vietnam base metal and precious metal resources have so far been discovered. This is because the country has so far never methodically researched how to find deeper, richer or larger deposits with modern technologies. The focus of the Vietnamese mining industry has been almost exclusively on less [Read more.] about New path for mining industry

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