We can begin improving by creating the villagers

There are over 300 (400?) Possible villagers and I can't ask a person to leave. Whenever someone reaches the campsite, I must experience the most infuriating song and dance to make them move in and I'm not even allowed to choose who I wanted to move out.

This, together with so many goofy little things, create a calm encounter turn sour in this kind of unnecessary way.

I really HATED the lengthy, tedious tutorial of NH. I understand they wanted it to feel as if you are developing a town on a remote island from nothing, but it was such a constant slog to get through.

They might have condensed it like the first three days of playing but spreading it out over two literal weeks wasn't fun in any way. The first few times were walking around and picking weeds basically since you could not even access Your Entire island or the main buildings were under construction

Can we get some voices in this thread from those who really enjoyed the match? It is going to end up being the best selling game on the change by the end of this season and all the top remarks are just"game is dull". I'd rather hear from those who actually like Animal Crossing games and listen to the way they'd want to enhance the series heading forward.

I began playing a few weeks back and I personally enjoy the goal-oriented structure of the match. I feel like I will make progress developing my island while I play and I like knowing that I will be rewarded with new tools and new buildings for doing simple tasks. I am also fond of that the Nookmiles achievement system, though at this stage I am not quite sure what to invest them besides for clothes.

We can begin improving by creating the villagers have more meaningful connections and discussions, they currently feel like setpieces.

Yes this was my number one complaint. I overall like the game (almost 300 hours! ) ) But villagers will give you a shirt. Speak to them. They act like you haven't seen them daily. Wonderful.

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