Want to make that NBA 2K player

On a Saturday night in downtown Manhattan's Terminal 5, the atmosphere looks like that NBA 2K MT Coins of a awards series. Cameramen and flashing bulbs line a red carpet as they walk by. A line of audiences waits to be granted entrance to an event guaranteed to feature celebrities, musical guests and the best in the entire world at their craft being recognized. Only this isn't the Oscar's, Grammy's or Emmy's. The day has all of the makings of the big leagues.

The place, one that's featured performances from the likes of Jay-Z and Snoop Dogg in recent years, sets the stage; NBA 2K players who spend most of their lives in relative anonymity are, for tonight, transformed into full-on celebrities. "There are more than 50 million NBA 2K players who perform 2K in some way, shape or form," said Brendan Donohue, NBA 2K League Managing Director. "We are ending up with the best 100 NBA 2K players on earth, thus we want to make that NBA 2K player feels like he got to the maximum mountaintop."

Washington Wizards owner Ted Leonsis declares the initial pick. Knicks Gaming is selected for by former New York star Allan Houston. It is a watershed moment of types for NBA 2K as well as esports as an industry, a indication of how much a once-niche pursuit has come in only a couple of short years and a definite notice served that this planet isn't going anywhere. And within just a few weeks, it will be shattered by a worldwide crisis -- replaced by a completely different reality, one losing a completely new light on the significance and significance of gambling in our contemporary world.

On an April day, Ronnie Singh is sitting in his sack. He is alone, as are all the tournament's participants, due to this coronavirus outbreak that's swept the world in the weeks since he along with other big names in the 2K realm convened on Terminal 5.

Scheduled 2K League play, the majority of which is normally conducted in a central studio place in New York, was closed down. NBA 2K players, like their NBA counterparts, began sequestering in the home. It was certainly an adjustment without traveling in four years for Singh, who by his own admission hadn't gone over 10 days. His efforts shifted to a support function for his team and for NBA 2K players across the NBA. He also took advantage of a rare chance to log a few more hours on the 2K sticks and connect with the community.

By helping fill the live competition void of society to Buy 2K MT, starting with all the ESPN collaboration, quickly, however, his days were busied. Some broadcast clunkiness aside (to be expected for such a distinctive first-time event), the tournament's victory was pretty incontrovertible. While conventional sports are closed down, it was the single esports program in ESPN's history, an indication of the public's desire for this sort of thing.