Univapo Unico Mod Pod Review by Antony Lord

Univapo Unico Mod Pod Review by Antony Lord

The Unico Mod Pod seemed to be quite popular with the usual band of YouTube reviewers, so keen to see what all the fuss was about, I reached out to Univapo who were happy to send out a kit for review.To get more news about Unico Vape Kit, you can visit univapo official website.

The Unico Mod Pod comes in a fairly small box. On the outer sleeve there’s a picture of the kit on the front, scratch ‘n’ sniff code on one side, and sticker on the other side with your chosen colour and a list of contents/specifications. Once you remove the sleeve, you are met with a “scratch and check” giveaway card and the Unico Mod Pod held in a foam tray. On the bottom layer, you’ll find an instruction booklet, micro usb cable, lanyard and a second coil. The Unico follows the now familiar “pod mod” format with a slightly squared off tube battery section with a pod in the top. The main chassis is metal with coloured stickers on each side and a “carbon fibre” sticker on the back. There are currently seven colour options available, and Univapo sent out the “Line” and “Dark red” variants for review. The stickers on the sides of the “Dark red” variant have a couple of minor wrinkles in them, the stickers on the “Line” option appear to be perfect though so this is simply a minor QC issue. The teeny wrinkles on the red one aren’t a deal breaker and I’m being super critical here as the build quality and finish is otherwise above average.

The bottom is made of plastic and is flat so the Unico will happily stand upright on a desk. There’s no obvious venting here so I’m assuming should anything go awry, the USB port acts as the emergency venting instead.Up top is the pod (more on that later) which is recessed into the battery section and held in place by four magnets which do a great job of holding the pod in place. There’s no excess wiggle in the pod either once its fitted so there should be no worries about losing pods in pockets etc, and the pod easily passed the customary shake test remaining firmly in place. Air is fed to the pod via the two U shaped cutouts on the front and back panels which gives the Unico a very sleek streamlined look. The two contact pins for the coil are also in this section, they appear to be suitably robust and are spring loaded.

The front panel has the power/up/down buttons. These are plastic and raised up off the main body making them easy to locate. They have a nice click to them and there is zero button rattle. Between the buttons is a clear, bright, 0.96 inch screen which has all the information laid out in a logical manner. I was particularly impressed by the wattage display, which I could see even without my glasses, and the brightness which meant it was clear even when outside.

The control scheme is easy and well thought out. You can change the colour of the display by quickly pressing the power button three times. Pressing power + up locks all the controls, Power + down clears the puff counter and, finally pressing up + down locks the wattage adjustment. The latter has revealed a very welcome design choice, when you insert a new coil into the Unico it will automatically select a default wattage (and set a maximum wattage allowed). Don’t like the default? Simple, adjust the wattage up or down to your taste and then lock the wattage, the next time you insert the pod rather than going back to the default for that coil like many other pod mods do, the Unico will stick to the wattage you have set. There are several “bigger” manufacturers who should take notes here, this is how it should be done!

The front panel also houses the usb charge port. The Unico charged at 0.92 amps and displayed a battery percentage on screen whilst charging. The screen goes off after 1 hour and 30 minutes with a recorded charge of 1400mAh. It continues to trickle charge for a further 20 minutes though (total time 1hr50m) with a final recorded capacity of 1483mAh. Whilst this all falls within the design specs, I would have preferred to see slightly faster charging, but it’s not a deal breaker by any means.