Three tips for buying aluminum sliding doors

The narrow frame sliding door has a narrow frame and a larger view. It can be installed on the balcony to enjoy the distant scenery. It is currently a popular aluminum alloy door and window product in the door and window market. How to choose a high-quality, high-value narrow frame sliding door The door is a problem in the minds of many owners. The following briefly introduces some tips for purchasing narrow-frame doors and windows.

1. Look at the glass material

The main component of the sliding door is glass, so the quality of the glass also determines the comfort of the entire sliding door. Generally, a better double vacuum tempered glass is selected, which will not hurt people even if it is broken, and has a high safety factor. If it is a hot summer and the outdoor temperature is high, the double-glazed glass can reflect the heat radiation and prevent the heat from entering the room, thereby saving a certain amount of electricity bills.

2. Look at the aluminum material

The profiles of sliding doors can be divided into aluminum alloys and broken bridge aluminum alloys. It is not recommended to choose low-quality aluminum alloys. The airtightness and wind pressure resistance are relatively poor. The broken bridge aluminum is a double-sided aluminum alloy profile. The pa66 heat insulation strip is used in the middle, which has stronger thermal insulation performance. Also, check whether the material surface and cross-section are smooth. A good aluminum material will make the whole room warm in winter and cool in summer.

3. Look at the track height

The track height of sliding doors in different places is also different. The partition glass door on the balcony should be equipped with high and low tracks. When choosing, you should choose the track height that meets the home design, and it should be easy to clean. To take care of the elderly and children, the ground rail should not exceed 5 mm. But more importantly, when choosing a sliding door, listen to whether the noise of the sliding rail is loud and whether it is smooth.

Finally, I would like to remind everyone that when choosing a sliding door, you still have to decide according to the specific situation of the room. At present, the two-track titanium-magnesium alloy frame + tempered glass design is more common on the market. It is too suitable for bedroom and bathroom. If you want to use it in bedroom or bathroom, you can add frosted design.

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