Things 2K wants to do

They need to take the GTA approach and eventually make a legitimately solid game which can hold up NBA 2K20 MT for years and patch in rookies every year and maintain events for hard resets on New Years or the season opener or something. If any other game in another genre did what 2K does they would fail, I don't know how folks are proud of being successful due to deficiency of competition.I'm sure you will find people at VC that despise themselves making sub par games, but provided Take Two/2K is receiving their money the CEOs do not give a fuck if NBA 2K's trash sadly.

Most of and ronnie them don't listen. They understand theres no comp against them so that they could put as little effort as you can and people will purchase it and make them lot of cash. In the event that you're able to get celebs or someone they believe retains value to them til might be changed by it then all us little folks don't matter. If you need NBA 2K and do not mind not having internet mode there's free ways to perform it. I am def jump next years version, slap in the face to most people after all of the lies Ronnie told about 2K20.

Things 2K wants to do. Insert matchmaking for park. 1a) Add a Park with a record and one without one to Buy 2K MT. 2K wants to locate a way to get"elite" teams not to run out of great players. I am getting tired of waiting for a game to finish to see off some elites jump. For stroll on rec, make a solo queue. Nobody wants to play against full teams that are not great enough to hack on it but mop up against randoms fine.

Quit wasting time making shit like backpacks for kids to wear. Give me the choice to generate everyone look non-douchebag looking. Fuck your black painted neck, lips and hands or your own backpacks, or dumb afro that's an odd color, or your own tuxedo or another shit you wouldn't see at the park.