They use them as It is the most OP build in NBA 2K21

Imagine if everybody had to mt nba 2k21 find their own animations and builds? The entire scene would look different. You've got everybody using the same builds and spamming the same moves because somebody else told them. If everyone had to locate their own animations and assembles it would nevertheless basically look the same as some cartoons and assembles are just better than others. And also the folks with the much better builds would win. The meta is your meta name for a reason. People do not use two-way slashing playmakers since youtubers told them to. They use them as It is the most OP build in NBA 2K21. I shed to 2 way slashing playmakers and rebounding wings/playglasses. I have never lose to somebody working with a small ball four or a ball hawk.

I have heard that comeback. The main point is, the neighborhood is filled with followers who have to be told what to do. That's just facts. I'm glad you mentioned two manner slashing plays because nobody has been making those at start which kind of proves my point. People would find out the most OP assembles whether youtube was a thing. You can visit any point, and choose the builds of whoever is about the maximum streak. I found out about my current build because I saw a few high rep going crazy on it at the ante-up and checked his card. In 16 I found out about the demigod 6'7 outside without any youtube video.

This is true. This is why I want archetypes eliminated because everyone only makes the most broken and simple to abuse builds. If everyone had the same build it would just be who is better on the sticks. But it's the exact same thing with no variety. Everyone is the specific same, nobody would ever select a large because everyone can rally and dunk, the entire reason behind archetype builds is that you've got selection, strengths and flaws. Yes there are a couple builds that CAN do everything, but they are not Great at anything.

You want to be a pure lockdown? You can not really score that much. Hybrid assembles (2-way slashing playmaker that a ) are good yes but in addition they aren't super always very good whatsoever, because their characteristics are spread out. If everyone ran the same thing it would be pointless to pick anything but a PG. People would still bigs since they'd be better at rebounding, inside defense, and interior scoring. 2 way slashing playmaker can do everything and is great at 3 things. Lockdown defense, all contacts and 90 + driving dunk fuck with 99 rate and vert and 90 chunk control. Offensive threat is ordinary but good in EVERYTHING on crime.

And exactly what do you mean pure locks can't score? Mine can shoot out lights in the corner, has all touch dunks, pro dribble moves, and in addition to that the best defense from any construct. Everyone DOES run the thing. Double playlocks or playlock and rebounding wing. Or the occasional playshot and large, which is infrequent. And in 2K20 it kind of is moot to be anything but a guard, why would I make a slow centre when my lockdown can guard centers AND guards, while being better in everything. No archetypes would not make centers worse. Make bigs indoors and stonger with the capability to buy Nba 2k21 Mt body guards.