There are several points to note in the design of the sun room

The sun room is a kind of light structure glass room. It is required to have a certain self-weight and physical strength, be safe to use, have a certain heat preservation and heat insulation function, the ceiling has strong waterproofness, and have ventilation functions. Sunlight can appropriately expand the residence space and make full use of idle corners. Generally, it can be used for leisure, tea drinking, home botanical garden or small sports venue.

So, how to choose the construction plan of the sun room?

1. Steel structure must be constructed

The general area needs to be more than 20 square meters, and the span of more than 3 meters must be supported by a steel structure. A good steel structure can ensure the safety factor of the sun room and maintain the overall stability of the building in the face of natural disasters such as strong winds and earthquakes.

2. Profiles must be used for the ceiling

Some door and window processing factories just spread tempered glass on the steel structure when making simple sun rooms, and use curtain wall structure glue to glue the glass between them. It can be said with certainty that such roofs will inevitably leak rain after a season. Because the expansion coefficient of glass and structural adhesive is different, after the construction, after the alternate hot and cold weather, there will inevitably be a crack between the glass and the structural adhesive. Any hole the size of a pinhole will cause rain leakage, and it is impossible to determine afterwards. Specific repair points. Therefore, profiles must be used for the ceiling. The profile and the glass are overlapped to weaken the effect of thermal expansion and contraction.

3. The ceiling must use tempered insulating glass or laminated glass

Insulating glass technology can effectively improve the thermal insulation performance of the building. As a sun room, it is especially important to reduce the greenhouse effect in summer and avoid making the sun room into a microwave oven. The larger the glass spacing, the better the thermal insulation. At the same time, you can also coat or paste films on the glass or directly choose Low-E glass to reduce heat radiation. The glass must be thickened toughened glass to improve the strength of the glass while ensuring personal safety after the glass is broken.

In the selection of glass, 8mm laminated safety glass (bullet-proof glass) is generally used for the outer glass, 5mm coated tempered glass for the inner layer, and 20mm aluminum spacers are used for the hollow part to add moisture-proof molecules. In this way, the strength of the roof is greatly improved, and adults can walk around on the glass roof at will. In the lap joint of glass and steel-plastic co-extruded profiles, a special process is adopted to make the glass and profiles adhere tightly, and thermal expansion and contraction will not affect the waterproof effect.

4. The vertical side windows must use high-strength profiles

The weight of the sun roof generally reaches 60 kilograms per square meter, and the weight of the 20 square meter roof is usually more than one ton. 80% of the gravity needs to be evenly shared by the vertical side windows. Therefore, the vertical side window profile must have a certain strength.

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