Teens Are Still Vaping

Teens Are Still Vaping

Efforts to stem the tide of teen vaping seem to be a step behind the market. By the time Juul pulled most of its flavored pods from the market in October of 2019, many teens had already moved on to an array of newer, disposable vape products.To get more news about Cheap Vape Deals, you can visit urvapin official website.

"Juul is almost old school ... It's no longer the teen favorite," says Meredith Berkman, co-founder of the advocacy group PAVE, Parents Against Vaping E-cigarettes.

"Among the disposables [that] are most popular, there's Puff Bar, there's Stig, there's Viigo," Berkman says. They're designed for one-time use. Then, they're tossed, she explains. "These have just flooded the market," Berkman says.

These products are flourishing despite the Trump administration's partial ban on flavored e-cigarettes, announced in January and in effect as of Feb 5. The enforcement guidance issued by Food and Drug Administration was aimed at stopping young people from vaping. It focused enforcement on flavored cartridges, like Juul's popular products.

But it left open some "loopholes," says Matt Myers of the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids. "It won't take the kids and it hasn't taken the kids any time to make a switch [to newer products]."At any time, the FDA could crack down on the new disposables. The agency has enforcement discretion to take action and in the guidance the agency specified it could take action on any e-cigarette product that's "targeted to minors."

The industry has been very creative at getting new products on the market quickly, despite regulators' efforts to curb teen use, says Cristine Delnevo, who directs the Center for Tobacco Studies at Rutgers University.

"It's a bit of a game of whack-a-mole, so when policies are aimed at one product, another product pops-up to fill the void," Delnevo says.

Delnevo and her collaborators have documented some of the rapid changes in disposable vaping products in a new paper published recently in the journal Tobacco Control.

"There are so many of these products," she says. She and her coauthors write that they heard anecdotally last September about a new vaping product, "a disposable 'pod-mod' closely resembling JUUL" that was popular among college students.

Combing through threads on Reddit, they found mention of a bunch of brands of disposable "pod-mods" — including Posh, Eon Stik and Mr. Vapor — which began to appear in the spring of 2019. "Comments focused on tasting similar to JUUL flavors, lasting longer than a JUUL pod and having a good 'hit' like a JUUL," they wrote. They also documented advertising for two brands of disposable products in a convenience store near Rutgers.