Talking about NBA 2K21's current-gen gameplay

The 2K blueprint every season - have Mike wang talk about attributes and mt nba 2k21 how good they are for every day before launch. Game launches and all attributes are broken or invasive and Mike wang goes off the radar. It's the same game but they tweak shit. They know. But they wait till 2K21 comes around and say look at this brand new game. We changing and are now currently patching intimidator badge! Then the player base pops Champaign bottles cuz they think it is a brand new game. When in fact this shit should of been patched two of 2K20 launching and fresh and innovative ideas must be implemented to the NEW game.

But Look around and everyone is eating this shit up. Wait until 2K does the influencer event and all the YouTubers go out and play and now they feel more likely to inform the folks that NBA 2K21 is"Crazy" and the"best 2K so far" cuz they obtained some shoes/merch and face scan in NBA 2K21. Every time that I feel like people people are waking up to 2ks ways that are egotistical, I assess their earnings and they are always selling. I told me I was not likely to buy 2k20 and I would've never played it had it been on gamepass. I wish more folks could hold out that 2k addresses the problems with their own game.

The unfortunate thing is that it's the basketball game on the market, and people are buying it because they love basketball. If EA came out with a COMPETITIVE basketball game. 2k would pull their finger out and make a NBA 2K21 match we could enjoy. I ai not gonna buy the gen 2k21, I'm not gonna invest $140 Australian to have a NBA 2K21 game for 2 months that's barely changed and then move to next gen all to begin over. It would be great if folks held out and voted with pocket. To show you how awful this participant base is. They can't even make enough sound on petitions or social networking to challenge 2K.

People do not know the fundemantals of this game is designed in everyway to be monetized, which means NBA 2K21 is not really being supposed to be enjoyable but instead grindy and redundant. You are currently paying and playing one giant commercial with a hoop and basketball. Look what other videogame franchises have done because their player bases had enough.just perform a fast google search. Every one of these games are DRASTICALLY improved. To find various cards?. Its a game people.

These things should be gotten through NBA 2K21 itself. Devs should make this a game and things such as packs boosts ought to be given to you by enjoying NBA 2K21 and achieving milestones. VS designing NBA 2K21 to being grindy and repetetive. Offering you every reason because not buying VC, to simply purchase the vc would require you a ridiculous amount of time to upgrade your player at which he is useable in NBA 2K21 contrary to CPU or cheap Nba 2k21 Mt other gamers. I could not go on. However, what's the point.