Success of OSRS into the directors believing

OSRS is Jagex fucking up ever so badly with the trainwreck that was EoC on launch's dire outcome. They should listen to the community and ask their opinion on what. I do not really think of some JMods as OSRS gold quality If it comes to RS3 besides Mod Raven. Every MTX-related JMod is automatically trash tier however. Thinking of what might be if resources were not wasted on their horseshit annoys me a lot.

My partner suggested to create divine combat pots to show a warning and it got into Runescape game. He told devs his proposal and they place it in Runescape game, no poll. why? Because its a huge deal. Divine potions are pretty much a overload, and the problem was that all the sudden, no warning would run out. Timers are shown by 3rd party clients so nobody has a problem with it. So it was really difficult to use them correctly and without annoyance, however, the OG customer is used by my partner.

As the RS3 team just listens to whoever is popular or an lol I feel. Ash takes hints from anyone. Whats important is what they are saying, not that they are. Too many men and women focus on who they are rather than what they are saying. Something that MMK stated with his interview with Shauny is that he could essentially credit the success of OSRS into the directors believing that OSRS was not overseeing it, and a joke, providing them the freedom.

I wonder how long that will last. 3 times the average Runescape playercount since RS3 is hardly a"joke" anymore, I wonder if OSRS is becoming some"managerial supervision" and getting a slow motion train wreck exactly like RS3.Don't wanna over speculate here but there's gotta be a lot of young talents on the RS3 team who are held down unfairly by their idle and corrupt high ups.They were talking past-tense in the interview. It's clear they don't think that it's still a joke, but 2013-2015 they did.

Mod ash is another breed and very amazing but we do get suggestions and small bugs fixed the time have you ever even looked cheap RuneScape gold through his replies? Very cool how he participates with the Runescape players however ive seen him need to inform folks five times in 1 tweet the same thing again and again til they under stand he cant assist with account support id say even though not complete on observed RS3 social ideas are being seen just as much.

Mat K, Wolf, mods Ayiza, and Gambit utilized to reply to tweets often too but they're all gone. On the other hand, Jagex has RS3 Jmods on Twitter, and they've been adding more, so you don't find only one special RS3 Jmod tweeting. I don't know if Jagex will place another OSRS Jmod so Ash will not be the one there because Gambit left also.