This sub is way to doubtful to say anything positive about Madden

I am aware this is not a fix to franchise. But Madden 21 coins this is a very cool idea. Having the ability to play against others with friends/randoms in a smaller game manner as your own avatar?? Great. I want fixes to franchise as well as I don't play with anything but franchise. However, this really is a brand new game style and a fresh addition to madden which makes the game at the very least different to madden 20. Therefore, I am excited as hell to attempt this. Therefore, I am excited as hell to try this.

Well that is the matter, to try it you are going to need to purchase the game and purchasing the game only proves to EA that Franchise doesn't matter. I am also excited for a style like this but the most important issue to me is Franchise improvements not the Yard improvements. Until Franchise is much better people who really actually want Franchise to improve should not be buying the game no matter how many shiny bells and whistle game modes they put in there that are going to take resources from provincial mode in future game installations.

Exactly. If you buy this game you might too spend $500 on packs a week. Thats the only thing EA cares about. If you buy this game for $60 you may too spend 8x a week. Adding barebones garbage rather than fixing the core game and gameplay style that attracted your stage achievement is certainly not the way to go. At no time did I say this was the way to go. We are happy that there is a brand new, possibly exciting game mode coming into the game and still want the game to have the fixes necessary. Gameplay wants fixed, franchise wants a face lift because it's gotten so barebones over recent years. Both ideas can coexist and they do. It does not have to be one or another.

This sub is way to doubtful to say anything positive about Madden in any way. I am a massive franchise guy that isn't pleased with the current state of CFM, but I love this idea! It looks like a blast to playwith. That being said, half this sub will observe the trailer, read the Gridiron Notes, and totally ignore any positives so they can last I to rant about completely unrelated issues with the game.

You can not even post a trendy highlight here anymore without the top comment being someone whining about the way broken or unrealistic something is. It's like the folks here only want to be cynical all the time regardless of Madden 21 coins the content they see. It's actually a drag on anybody who doesn't totally 100% hate the game.