Stopped playing RuneScape back in 2009

Funnily enough I actually attempted to RuneScape gold make a prison style room in the bottom from this guild where certain creatures will be held, though I had more of it being held as decorations in mind the conservation side is really really interesting, places Slayers more consistent with hunters instead of Witcher types.I guess that is just how I have always seen it, particularly with Konar. IRL (here in the US anyways) states are broken up into components and just a certain amount of hunting permits are issued each unit. As inhabitants change, so do the access to permits.I guess I see Slayer as population control. Kill X of a monster they do not start attacking people, but not too many that they get.How would you alter these abilities: Divination, Dungeoneering, Summoning and Invention to be appealing to OSRS? I'd change having a skill which you still needed to work for, actually, Summoning was one of my earliest ever 99s and summoning not to be impactful into the battle experience of the game, I adored things! In terms of the other three, if we can I believe we would release Dungeoneering less a skill but as a type of raid or minigame. Divination and Invention I would need in Old School.

I've a half made layout doc of'OSRS Summoning' but ultimately I guessed it'd never work for a couple reasons... Firstly pets and how followers generally are becoming a highly appreciated'cosmetic' that players prefer to show off. When we had a lot of followers it might decrease the attractiveness of pets. Second, the things I had taken out (BoB, battle familiars) of it I figured most wouldn't actually call it Summoning anymore. There were other problems (engine) which came up from talks too so I gave up on the idea. As for divination and innovation... Warding had been an effort to make them more appealing as a package - I don't think it worked. I'd love the content, but as a minigame/raid as opposed to a skill.

Is there a way to bring back an account? This popped up in my feed and that I stopped playing RuneScape back in 2009 but man did I put in many hours. I stop cause I might have been a little too addicted back then but now with the quarantine.. I would really like to dive back in. Kudos guys. I loved the game but pledged to take a break from playing with mmorpgs. Truly overlook the tunes in lumbridge, pking, and the very first time I managed to buy guthix guild on f2p before committing to manhood.

It is very hard to distance from it occasionally, particularly when your buddies know you work there and will throw questions your way and remind you of work a good deal. It's also quite annoying of cheap OSRS gold when I ca reply in my own account and see comments about work related topics. It makes me view it differently sometimes, like I used to as a outcome and I don't enjoy it. (I still love the game, however, and am very enthusiastic, but I'm focusing on design and work instead)I don't find it is too much of an issue once I do play! Whenever that I sit down and play, I still do find myself just enjoying it as a match, it just happens that most evenings after work, when I ask myself what I want to do... After a day of working with it, Old School's not often the answer, unfortunately.