Stay Tuned At Mmocs For Best MU Legend Zen

mu legend zen for sale MU Legend is a life-like online video game features multiplayer and PvP gameplay elements luring groups of teens indulging in it. The unique classes setting is one of the shiny traits of the MU Legend. There’re Dark Lord Whisperer Blader and War Mage for gamers to choose when in the character creation stage. One can choose only one class for the upcoming character and it cannot be changed forever once decided. If you’re new here just select the tank class as it’s the most stalwart class for rookies. Now MU Legend is extremely popular in Western Europe. Check previous Patch.

Webzen greeted to MUtizens on November 24 for the upcoming Black Friday. Here’re black flags black tags added in the game to welcome the shopping carnival. Black Friday events started ahead of its begin. You need to prepare a cup of coffee to keep a cool head all night to win more in this annual event. Check the Cash Shop you will find 20% discount in “Pets and Artefact” category!

Webzen introduced a story for gamers in the new added pet boxes tells an experience of a black ship. You can get various of black pets in the Pet Box the rewards are random dispatched.

Auction House Maintenance

From 7:00-9:00 on November 30 MU Legend server will be in maintenance. Players can’t successfully log in the game. This time’s maintenance is not only for server but also for addressing some Auction House glitches.

As mentioned above Webzen has banned thousands of suspicious mu legend zen The official also announced that their dissuasive tools will greatly reduce the malignant phenomenon in the game.

Now without any warning accounts which was deemed by GM as fraudulent or hacked account will be remove all items in inventory. If accounts are relate to fraud of hack issues will be investigated during which their items and deposit will be frozen. Player who be investigated will receive a inform letter.


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