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Murray River turtles threatened by droughtAM Monday, 14 July , 2008 08:16:00PETER CAVE: Hundreds of Australian long necked turtles are the latest victims of the demise of the lower reaches of the Murray Darling Basin. The turtles that live on the Murray mouth in the Coorong Lakes have been infected by a parasitic bristle worm that thrives in hypersaline waters.AM's Bronwyn Herbert spoke with Goolwa resident, David Surmon, who has set up an emergency rescue shelter for the species.DAVID SURMON: Well I've actually saved around about 200 to 300 tortoises and every few days I'm always finding some dead. In the last week I've found around about 13 or 14 dead and that's all through, all deadly in the case of the bristle worm because what happens is the tortoises, if they can move, they get up onto the shore and they can't go any further because there's so much weight.And the foxes and rats get to them and that's just the end of the poor little things I'm afraid.BRONWYN HERBERT: The bristle worm itself, can you describe how it actually affects the tortoise?DAVID SURMON: The bristle worm gets on to the shell and then that just grows bigger and bigger and bigger and especially underneath the shell, it grows bigger and bigger and the tortoise either can't put its legs out or can't put its legs back in because the weight of the shell before the bristle worm gets on it.We actually weighed one, one time, and it weighed nearly seven kilos.

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