Solution to water leakage of aluminum alloy doors and windows

1. Water leakage caused by doors and windows' own design and quality problems

There is a problem with the design of the doors and windows, or the quality of the doors and windows is fundamentally problematic. It is recommended to replace the doors and windows as soon as possible to reduce the harm!

2. Water leakage caused by failure to meet the requirements during the installation of aluminum alloy

(1) The filling materials used between the aluminum alloy frame and the opening are mainly waterproof mortar and polyurethane foaming agent. The unreasonable selection of the waterproof mortar label will cause the expected waterproof effect to be not achieved.

Solution: Replace the waterproof mortar and foaming agent.

(2) The sealing treatment of the fitting place between the outdoor aluminum alloy frame and the wall. The sealing material on the outdoor side is generally silicone sealant. The choice of sealant and the thickness of the glue will directly affect the water tightness. The poor glue first has poor compatibility and adhesion, and at the same time, the glue is dried. It is easy to crack afterwards. If the glue is thinned, it will also crack, which will cause water leakage.

Solution: Re-select the appropriate sealant, and at the same time, it is recommended that the thickness of the glue is not less than 6mm when the glue is applied.

(3) If you have installed fastening screw-type iron feet and aluminum alloy frame connections on the doors and windows of your house, you should replace them with snap-on iron feet.

(4) The blanking of rubber strips and tops is too short, causing direct water leakage at the ends, just replace qualified sealing rubber strips.

(5) Check the size and verticality of the gap between the drain hole, the window frame and the wall. If necessary, ask the worker to remove the doors and windows and reinstall them.

Not only should the airtight and watertight performance of the doors and windows themselves be considered when purchasing doors and windows, but also when installing doors and windows! The installation is not good, no matter how high-end doors and windows are, they can only be decorations! Therefore, after the doors and windows are decorated, the acceptance is also a very important step!

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