So I am fairly new to WOW Classic

Not knowing much about it, I would have thought the raids would be available from the day the server started. Are they just gating classic wow gold articles to replicate how it used to roll out? Yes, the different patches in different phases roll out to provide themselves to blizz and folks more time to perform the material. WOW Classic would be"done" 4 weeks ago if WOW Classic launched with Naxxramas open currently. Blizz uses WOW Classic to give people something to do while they roll out the next expansion that is retail. Same thing's probably gonna happen a couple of months after Shadowlands release.

I frankly don't believe WOW Classic and retail have substantially overlap in playerbase in any way. I'm sure they did WOW Classic launching, but now all of the retail WOW players have gotten tired and left by today. I'd say it's pretty much just another Runescape situation - two separate games each with their own playerbases. Feels like two player bases that are separate loads of people who started again from my expertise and never quit during wotlk or cata.What a day at WOW Classic

So I am fairly new to WOW Classic, at the moment I am playing with a Tauren Druid. I started off at the Cross Roads and had to perform a quest to drop a letter off at Silverpine, I asked someone and they said the way would be to go is into the Zeppelin Tower out of Orgrimmar catch it, as soon as you land head SouthWest, easy enough that I thought I caught the Zep and landed in Grom'gol and began to head SW. I got murdered a lot of times and went to give up but had been invited in Wailing Caverns to some Dungeon. I utilized my Hearthstone to get back to Cross Roads and embark on the Dungeon, not knowing what was in it.

It worked out well as I needed to amass 10 x Serpentbloom any manner, but man I didn't know how large and long that thing was, took a couple of hours but I finished it. Turns out too I might have experienced a quest from Nara Wildmane seems like I'll have to do it again at any point. So after all this I decided to attempt to get to Silverpine again, as I headed towards the Zeppelin tower again I watched a Zep, a damn 2nd one. I had no idea. I fell the letter off, made my run and ended in the Undercity. Overall a good day the mill is so real.

I adore this. Did you have fun cheap wow gold in WOW Classic? Yes, the Orc warrior was very patent with me, and useful in regards to which part of the walls to hug, I had been to cure. I suggest doing every dungeon atleast for the experience! WOW Classic dungeons are amazingly thought out, with routes and optional bosses. 1 dungeon known as deadmines thats your degree, its not uncommon for low level horde WOW gamers to journey for the dungeon!