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Background: Type 2 diabetes is associated with cardiovascular disease, and rs gold patients with both conditions are prescribed complex medication regimens.Aim: The aim was to develop a reliable and valid measure of attitudes associated with the prescription and management of multiple medicines in patients with Type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.Methods: Principal component analysis (PCA) and Cronbach alpha assessed the reliability of the Attitudes about Complex Therapy Scale (ACTS). Examinations of relationships with related measures inform concurrent validity. Questionnaires were sent to a cross sectional sample of 480 people prescribed multiple medicines for co morbid Type 2 diabetes.Results: Cronbach alpha was 0.76, indicating the scale had good internal reliability. PCA rotated a four factor model accounting for 37% of the variance. Four subscales identified; 1. Desires to substitute medicines and reduce the number of medicines prescribed and; 4. Perceptions related to organising and managing complex therapy. The ACTS showed significant relationships with measures of anxiety, depression, general beliefs about medicines and self efficacy. Also, the ACTS significantly correlated with adherence to medicines, showing good predictive validity.Conclusion: The ACTS was designed to assess negative attitudes towards complex therapy and multiple medication management. This tool could aid prescribing decisions and may identify people who are intentionally non adherent to all or some of their medicines.

Also a bit dated, but never out of style, is the Tillerman Cycle by Cynthia Voigt. In the first book, Homecoming, Dicey Tillerman walks her younger brothers and sister from Connecticut to Maryland in search of a grandmother. The second novel, Dicey's Song, is an improvement on the first as it shows the foursome settling into their new home and learning to deal with the loss of their mother. I don't think these books are at all too young for a girl your niece's age, nor are they too old. There are seven in all.

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Said Mathis: got a small senior class of about eight, and then we going to have about 65 players, so you can do the math. We got a lot of youth that going to be out there. Provides a lot of excitement. Lot of gray hairs. Gray hairs in the beard for sure coaching some of them. And I can give them experience. I can give them their cleats and helmets. Can give them experience. They got to earn that.

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