Is Shanghai Disneyland Preparing to Reopen?

Is Shanghai Disneyland Preparing to Reopen?

A drumbeat of social media posts suggests the Shanghai Disneyland theme park is preparing to reopen after a three month closure due to the world health crisis.To get more shanghai breaking news, you can visit shine news official website.

Social media posts from China show snaking queues, social distancing signs and simulated entry gate test runs at the Shanghai Disney resort.The Shanghai Disney Resort was the first of Disney’s six global resorts to close in late January amid the coronavirus outbreak that has crippled business and forced millions to shelter in place around the world.

The Shanghai Disneyland Hotel and Disneytown shopping mall reopened March 9th with limited capacity and reduced hours. The Shanghai Disneyland theme park remains closed.The Shanghai Disney and Hong Kong Disney resorts have been closed for three months. The possible three-month timetable for a reopening of the Shanghai Disneyland theme park would suggest that Disney’s U.S. theme parks might begin preparing to reopen in mid-June. Disney parks in California and Florida have been closed for nearly six weeks due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Disney theme parks are expected to reopen in June following an extended coronavirus shutdown, according to an analysts report from J.P.Morgan.

Disney’s three Anaheim hotels have stopped accepting reservations before June 1 due to the coronavirus outbreak. The Disneyland app shows Disney’s two Anaheim parks “closed” through May 16 and as “schedule unavailable” through June 4.

The shuttering of Disneyland and Disney California Adventure on March 14 was preceded by closures of Disney parks in Shanghai, Hong Kong and Japan and followed by closures of Disney resorts in Florida and France.