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The historical haven for movie licensed games that don't suck is the video arcade. Those of us who lived through the golden age of the coin operated arcade machine remember when movie based games were frequently good, with classics like Robocop 1 and 2, Alien 3: The Gun, Terminator 2, Moonwalker, and the groundbreaking wireframe Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back.

Based on information presented by the development team, it does appear they will be putting forth considerable effort to fulfill Laughlin goal of a fun, educational and infinitely playable game. Shariff concluded with: want you to sit down and curl up with one session and have a feeling like you had when you read the best short science fiction stories, especially like those of Clarke. There is plenty of adventure to plumb.

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It been 20 years, and the Pok franchise is still going strong; and thanks to the overwhelming success of Pok GO, Pok Sun and Moon may be the most anticipated installments to date. Both games will take place in the never before seen region of Alola (an archipelago of tropical islands based on real life Hawaii), introduce a plethora of new Pok (as well as new forms of first gen Pok debut a new villainous team, and include some brand new features such as Z moves. They will also feature something called Pok Ride, in which you can call on Pok that aren members of your team to help you reach game locations you wouldn be able to normally. Of course, as has been the case since Pok Crystal, players can choose to play as a male or female and name their character whatever they like.

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