Rifeng Cable Enterprise Product Certification

Rifeng Cable Enterprise Product Certification

Product certification is to prove that the company's products meet the requirements of a specific standard, and a third-party accreditation body verifies that a product or service meets a specific standard or other technical specifications.

After the product is certified, print on the product according to the requirements of each organization. Generally, basic information such as certification marks, product model specifications, voltage levels, implemented product standards, and manufacturer names must be printed. If there is no product certification, the product is printed with a certification mark, and if it is found, it will be severely punished. It will be regarded as a counterfeit and inferior product, and the serious may be administrative punishment.

Classification: From the scope of certification or the work area of the certification body, it is divided into national certification, regional certification, and international certification. From the perspective of voluntary or not, it is divided into mandatory certification and voluntary certification.

In order to meet the international market quality and service needs, our company is equipped with a variety of international certification and standards to meet the needs of customers worldwide, including the French NF certification product certification, the United Kingdom ASTA certification, the British BSI, the German VDE, Germany TUV, European CE, American UL, Canada CSA, Australia SAI&SAA, South Korea KTL, Japan JQA&JET, China CCC, etc.

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