Research Centers and Institutes

Research Centers and Institutes

NJUBS attaches great importance to academic and scientific research. Now, the business school has built two National Key Discipline, one National Talent Training Base for Economics, the Yangzi River Delta Economic and Social Development Research Center, two Collaborative Innovation Centers, two Think Tank and several research institutes. Besides, NJUBS is devoted to strengthening academic exchange and cooperation with renewed universities.To get more news about china industry research centers, you can visit official website.

Industrial Organization and Technical Innovation Research Center was established in June 2002, and is an interdisciplinary research institution, with the theory of industrial organization and technology management and innovation as basic theory. In view of the current changeable global economic and technical innovation, and the crossing and accelerated evolution of various industries promoted by technological innovation, the center pays attention to researching hot issues in the field of industrial organization and technology management and technology innovation, in particular the cross impact between them. The research center focuses on strengthening domestic and international academic exchanges and international cooperation, and has regular academic exchanges with the Technology Management International Research Center, MIT. The research center also receives funds support from National Natural Science Foundation of China, Doctoral Fund of the Ministry of Education of China, Shanghai Municipal Advisory Fund, and SJTU “985 Plan” Project.

Operations and Logistics Management Research Center is a modern logistics research center established by ACEM in 2001 for teaching and research, advisory and training. The center has more than 10 professor and associate professor members such as JI Jian Hua, HUANG Pei Qing, CHEN Jun Fang, and more than 50 doctoral students and master students. It has established friendly cooperative relations with Columbia University, Yale University, Duke University, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and Germany BIT Institute. Director of the Center: Professor JI Jian Hua.

Over the past three years, ACEM Operations and Logistics Management Research Center has completed nearly 20 projects . The center has also published more than 70 scholarly articles in the domestic and foreign academic journals; edited, co-edited and translated eight academic monographs.

In addition, the Center is mainly involved in the research activities of Sino-US Logistics Research Institute, established by SJTU and Georgia Institute of Technology. The center’s research activities in the Sino-US Logistics Research institute make contributions for cooperation between China and the United States, as well as Shanghai and Georgia State in logistics research and development, for speeding up the development of China’s modern logistics technology and industry, for promoting the growth of modern service industry in Shanghai and accelerating the construction of Shanghai as an international shipping center.