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During her tenure, she grew the legal wow classic gold department from a single lawyer to a team of 50 people across the country, including 20 lawyers, needed to meet the company fast growth. She led internal and external legal teams on key deals that reshaped the company, such as Sobeys acquisition of Safeway, as well as oversaw litigation and governance across both companies.

Essentially an institution could choose to license the whole or parts of the software stack and carry on as just now, or else choose to replace or extend the products using the building block model. Foe example UK HE Institutions might develop a common replacement gradebook that supports multiple , moderation and anonymous , which could be seamlessly slotted in to replace the existing grade center.

So there I was at 8.45pm, balancing on the toilet seat with toe separators wrenching my toes into bizarre hobbit shapes, polish jar open on the bathtub ledge, dripping brush in hand and tongue poking out of the side of my mouth in concentration. I had just covered my left nails in gleaming goop, when the dog padded to the bathroom door, his toy footy in his mouth.

In his only public statement about the shooting, Noor testified that after he heard the loud noise, he saw fear in Harrity eyes and heard his partner yell, Jesus! as he went for his weapon. Noor said Harrity was having difficulty pulling his gun from his holster. Noor said he then saw a woman in a pink shirt with blond hair appear at Harrity window and raise her right arm.

Octane, real name Octavio Silva, is the first ever legend to be introduced after Apex Legends' release. He speedy, agile, and maneuverable. As the heir of a pharmaceutical mogul turned daredevil, he attempted to break the record on a gauntlet run, with disastrous results. 24 hours after his legs got blown off, he wakes with new prosthetic ones. After that, he promptly resumes his thrill seeking ways and turns to the Apex Games for his adrenaline fix.

Tim Neumann from the Institute of Education at the University of London gave us a brief account of the history of e portfolios. He started by reporting that there had been a sudden increase in the number of academics asking about e portfolios, although there appeared to be different drivers in different parts of the Institute. In fact e portfolios can have multiple functions, they can provide personal development records, be a vehicle for assessment, a reflective space, a personal document repository, a basis for career development, or a simple documentation of personal achievement. In many respects the process of creating a portfolio is as important as the end product, but the multiple purposes that they can be put to, seems to cause as much confusion as clarity. As Tim rather drily noted, some staff in the Institute may not have had a fully developed understanding of the nature and purpose of an e portfolio, for example the doctoral course team wanted it to provide an online record of doctoral meetings (which actually struck me as quite a good idea), the team teaching the MA in ICT in Education wanted the e portfolio to contain a bibliographic management system, and the Master of Teaching course wanted to skew the e portfolio to open source tools. All these are worthy things, but they're not exactly the prime purpose of building an e portfolio

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