Psychological Sales Tricks That Make You Spend More

Psychological Sales Tricks That Make You Spend More

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Many times, discounts are real and the Internet is a great place to save money. However, online stores also use clever psychological sales tricks to persuade you to buy something, even though you don’t need it and it’s not that great of an offer either. Behind every popular e-commerce business there is an entire marketing team who knows how to appeal to human psychology, and knowing what some of their tricks are can help you make wiser decisions. Color psychology plays an important role in how e-commerce owners design their websites. Apart from a carefully chosen layout that lets the products shine, designers also use colors that incite action to persuade visitors to shop, especially around the sales season.

You’ve probably noticed that whenever online stores have promotions running, they don’t just stick to a subtle “Sales” category, but also add large colorful, flashing banners on the homepage. Bold fonts, combined with colors that incite action, such as red, yellow, or orange, create a feeling of urgency, making you click and shop although you didn’t need anything. This trick plays on our need of making a wise purchase and paying less for more. Let’s take the following scenario: you hit pan on your favorite eyeshadow palette and you go online to reorder it. While you’re on the product page, getting ready to add it to the cart, you see a suggested product below: a “Value Pack” containing your palette, plus a blusher and mascara. Compared to buying one single product for $35, buying three for $60 sounds better, right? Well, it does, if you also wanted to buy those other two. But if you don’t need a new mascara and blusher, then that website just tricked you into spending $25 more.

Best value packs can be great ways to save money by buying in bulk, but only if you need every item in there. Otherwise, it’s yet another way of overspending. In the modern world, running out of something isn’t a real problem, except for just a few categories of products. Whether we’re talking about food, clothes, or electronics, you can easily find what you need because the supply is just incredible. However, our subconscious is still hardwired to fear scarcity. As we see a product running off (virtual) shelves, this activates the same area of the brain that told our ancestors to stock up quickly, otherwise, they’ll have fewer chances of survival.

Realistically speaking, even if you don’t claim the offer now, the product will be back in stock or you’ll be able to buy something similar from another seller. However, because the store appealed to FOMO and the fear of scarcity, you’re tempted to make the purchase right then and there, without checking out other sites first. Want to get the highest quality products with the lowest prices while shopping?see more