Powerleveling involving 35-99 levels

LEVELS 50-61 Tuna Here is the very first fish that you will quit burning since at level 59 with OSRS gold Cooking Gauntlets and at Cooking Range you can't neglect to make this particular one. Also from this stage of the skill training manual if you follow next leveling steps you will not be burning any further meals.

LEVELS 61-76 Lobsters Though you need around 9k Lobster cooked to get to the second phase this is quite a inexpensive method since uncooked Lobsters are usually catched by fishers and cooked ones are selling well. Now, if you haven't started cooking in Hosidius house yet you should really start doing this. After 76 you can cook Swordfish. Inside this level bracket, you'll need approximately 9k Swordfishes cooked before moving to another step. Here is actually the top (F2P) free to perform cooking fish. This is the component of the guide where cooking starts to be profitable. Monkfishes are extremely good in terms of expertise and adequate as a moneymaker. You will need around 16k of those cooked to proceed. You can create them all the way to 99 to get a good profit but if you want high exp rate stop at 93. Number of Sharks had for this point is around 11k.

LEVELS 93+ Anglerfish. This is a method for those who wish to reach max level faster and do not want longer routes. You will forfeit your gold produced for expertise rewards. It's easy - if you want money you are able to do Sharks, if greater exp - do Anglerfish. You may need about 25k of these to complete training cooking and get to 99. It's one of best ways to max your fishing.

Powerleveling involving 35-99 levels. There is a unique system to buy RS gold level up cooking at the quickest time possible which is creating wines. It is possible to level up extremely fast making those since they will give you around 500k exp/hour. This method is very AFK-able and the only drawback to this is that you will need to spend somewhere beneath 15mil to find max Cooking with. You may be making Jugs of Wine. To make Jug of Wine add grapes to the Jug of Water. This method is very simple but requires a great deal of attention and clicking. After finishing Tai Bwo Wannai Trio quest with 30+ Cooking level players can cook Karambwan. This is a particular sort of food that's eaten slower which makes it good for pvp since it's possible to eat both this one and regular food at the same moment. At level 90 fishing by using raw Karambwan on fire and clicking 2 over the keyboard at precisely the exact same time you can cook it without a tick delay. This makes Karambwan fastest cooking component from the game.