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EA has fucked over me for the last time and I'm not going to continue to pay $60/yr for precisely the fucking game with unwanted features and more bugs from a company which has absolutely no respect for their audience. It ridiculous that a few of you are currently defending this company within this thread. Apparently I do not understand just how difficult it's to code games and demanding to have a product that is fun to play without any repetitive and obvious bugs makes me a fool. Whether it was in defense of EA, I swear some of you men would crucify yourself.

They take time and effort (no matter how miniscule you may think that it is) to incorporate these cheeky buttocks comments when you choose to bypass a cutscene; INSTEAD of focusing that effort on something (like game breaking bugs) to create Madden easier (e.g. 4 out of 10 articles on this subreddit is about some bug in Madden, videos of wacky cartoons or gameplay that just shouldn't occur, or there's maintenance on one of those servers. Hell, Franchise continues to be down an whole week for some people.).

They just wanted to find small ways to throw people off the"we simply copy and beyond our game every year and only make small out of sport experience adjustments and find out more ways to market UT". Buying anything, I stopped on it with their name that was shit. I expect you day other studios are permitted to create an NFL game.I mean I have played probably close to 70 hours and have not experienced any obvious bugs so I'd say that 95 percent is true for me.

Just wait, it's coming. The 50 hours were so much fun. The images are incredible but as soon as you stop gawking at them you notice that a 92 overall Quenton Nelson at a drawing shield place on an inside dip, for some reason can't make a block in the next level outside linebacker and just runs directly fucking by him to strike on the security 15 yards away. It awful overused and AI animations which ruin Madden. I am able to inform you if a receiver is going to grab a pass only based on the onset of the animation. It is only recycled bullshit after 100 hours which is not exactly what you need in a game in which the most important feature ought to be replayability. cheapest mut 20 coins