New York Giants jerseys Are Keeping Saquon Barkley Involved During His Rehab

New York Giants jerseys Are Keeping Saquon Barkley Involved During His Rehab

New York Giants jerseys running back Saquon Barkley is facing a long road in his recovery from the ACL surgery he had in November. But he’s thankful and hopeful that the decision by head coach Joe Judge to keep him involved daily with the team will at least help whittle away the time until he can begin to run again.To get more New York Giants jersey with cheap price, you can visit official website.

“Yeah, a lot of times when you're injured, you feel like you're forgotten, to be completely honest because the train keeps moving,” Barkley said during a recent appearance on the LockedOn Giants podcast.

“Even though you get hurt and you’re in for your rehab, the season continues to go, and you got to find still a way to stack wins.”

Fortunately for Barkley, he hasn’t reached the point where he felt like the forgotten man in the Giants jerseys locker room. That’s because Giants jerseys head coach Joe Judge has a policy in place in which he allows players who are rehabbing from injury to remain with the team and participate in whatever activities allowed by league rules for those on injured reserve. In some cases, Judge even allows for the injured players to travel despite their being unable to participate in the game. Judge did so for quarterback Daniel Jones last week on the team’s trip to Seattle, and earlier in the year before his surgery, for Barkley, a team captain whose presence is one Judge felt was important to have around the locker room.

Barkley has been grateful for that as it helped him remain engaged with the team while also allowing him to go through his rehab.

“Even though I do have my bad days mentally, I just try to come in there with a smile and push through my rehab,” Barkley said. “If my teammates can see me, show them that I'm working to come back better from this thing, and I'm still showing love and support and trying to be supportive as I can win, lose or draw.”