Is NetEase or CCP currently controlling EVE?

Which broke down whenever super capitals were set up, the only counter to them being supers. Exists since one of said super forces basically permits them to present. EVE either must essentially never introduce supers or alter how they operate (CCP did originally envision them as rare force multipliers but a ceiling has to be set in how many an alliance can support, i.e maintenance prices which have been indicated to help alleviate superb proliferation in tranq to act as a soft ceiling for a nullsec empire, goons for instance would be paying near half a trillion isk per month if the recommended costs were used).

Before buying Eve Echoes, I'd love to know who is in control of the development and pricing of EVE. I don't have a issue using NetEase publishing Eve Echoes, but if they're also entirely in charge of development and pricing, I am doubtful the current subscription model will maintain. Additionally, to say nothing of maintaining the motor and images up to date as the years go by like CCP does.

Afaik Netease said they're less or more copying CCPs monetization with some twists. I don't see why it wouldn't hold unless folks do not spend any cash on Eve Echoes. CCP is still protecting their IP so you can be certain they will have a word in regards to such things. In terms of updates that are graphic. That's something that you may worry about in like 5 years when Eve Echoes still runs at the moment. Nobody knows if the market for a pocket eve is really sustainable.and that the AVG phone power expansion seems to have slowed down massively. So when will an update even be worth it?

Also I'm not sure you're considering it in a wholesome way. You should only ask yourself whether it is worth your money and more importantly TIME. If yes, game off. Any game can fall at any time that is certain from grace. I know for certain principal eve has done that times for big chunks of this community. Because they're a firm with a reputation that is negative, I am suspicious of NetEase. But I did not wish to word it like that due to the political climate. I was only hoping to gauge the community when people are wary of this job up to now.

Yeah I had been hesitant but they are doing a excellent job at Eve Echoes so far. I believe that their monetization seems fair and I pay $ to encourage Eve Echoes. From what I've played so far in the alpha and the beta, it is the closest thing to eve Internet without becoming overly bloated with mechanisms and things to do. I can not wait to see Eve Echoes evolve since they add more stuff to it. Day one for sure and I'll be playing. My purpose of not enjoying is being not able to market something simple as veldspar without even purchasing a trainer license.

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