In Mut u can perform NMS

Alright, maybe I have been a bit too simple on Mut 20 coins, I simply know that if a player attempted to begin playing with fifa at this stage they would have no chance at all, but thanks for telling me. Yeah bro I get what your point is I myself needed to stop playing fifa after playing for nearly 10 years make it starting to get too much. But thing moving off everything you said think of it like this. The newest madden comes out in 2 months or so on the FIFA calendar is about the end of July so technically it would not be fun to begin then it is simple at that point to produce a good team cause cards are dirt cheap except for the higher tiers of icons.

I played with FIFA for years and started play Madden this year. You can get a top free card just playing challenges (NFL 100, Team of The Year, Combine, ETC) You never had such a thing in Fifa, you constantly have to purchase packs if you want to make a challenge like this, they dont provide free cards. And you can find a lot of coins. I have 400K in coins using a defense and crime playing since March. Its not possible to get this done on FIFA. So, Madden have difficulties but its not even near Fifa however, could be way worse.

In Mut u can perform NMS and keep up with everybody including the wallet warriors, in fifa the cards cost like attempting to get Golden Ticket players, and they feel. FUT is tough to go nms unless you can operate the auction house to make coins. At least FUT and MUT equally have means you can operate the auction and market house to earn countless coins. 2k that is almost impossible (unless something changed this year, I skipped this season version). As someone who played FUT for many years and is playing MUT for the first time this season, I think that it's very clear MUT is much better. Both matches have their fair part of cheesy tactics and gameplay (that I think each game is going to have some degree of) it is much easier to compete in Madden compared to in FIFA.

I haven't gone NMS this season, but it is still sensible to have a top level team in Madden nfl without spending money. In Fifa, it's much harder. Madden nfl is conducted by the tier icons and present players of cheap Madden nfl 20 coins with little to no parity. Madden is there, I had been playing with Madden since 92 ceased buying it 3 years back. I had been talented Madden this season and due to quarantine I opted to playwith. It is hot garbage and I am a firm believer it is all because of MUT being there focus.