Montmartre City Safety Anti-theft Bag Shoulder Cut Resistant Waterproof��trade with the original single

Montmartre City Safety Anti-theft Bag Shoulder Cut Resistant Waterproof

1.shoulders with the effect of weight loss 20%-25%, very light and comfortable.;searl|1712736947 2.The computer can receive the built-in compartment backpack 15 inch notebook computer (computer width = 26cm). 3.backpack does not contain a mobile power supply, the interior design of the backpack has a mobile power supply pocket, built-in data lines can be compatible with a variety of standard ports, convenient and safe. 4.backpack itself dirty, imitation leather, fabric anti splashing function, because of the built-in data line, so I do not recommend washing. 5.The built-in data line due to the fixed interface so that cannot be replaced, we wear test, the average access 3W times will not be damaged, in order to avoid severe data lines pulled under the premise can be used for more than 3 years, please rest assured. Bobby Compact, the Best Anti Theft backpack II Weight: 820g, Size: 26.5*16*42cm (+ 1cm), Capacity: 11L, Net weight: 820g, Bearing: 15kg; Shoulders with weight loss 20%-25% effect The Bobby Compact is the best Anti-Theft backpack to keep you safe, organized and on the move! After the great success of the Bobby Backpack, we now proudly present The Bobby Compact.;searl|1712736947