The Mech Touch - THE MECH TOUCH Chapter 1484 Good News?

The Mech Touch - THE MECH TOUCH Chapter 1484 Good News?

Ves spent a few days catching up to his paperwork. He also diverted some time to talk with Gavin, Nitaa, Crindon, Commander Cinnabar and his subordinates back home.To get more news about Read The Mech Touch online free, you can visit freewebnovel official website.

Nothing unusual happened during the time he conducted his research, so he didn’t hear anything new. His subordinates only passed on routine information to him which he quickly shoved to the back of his mind.

Both the LMC and the fleet were stable. Only the environment experienced some shifts. The escalating sandman invasion kept exerting more and more pressure. The border states bore the brunt of the assaults so far, and were so egregious that the CFA finally came into action!

“Good news, boss!” Gavin announced one day. “The CFA finally got their act together and are done with mobilizing a warfleet!”“They’re dispatching their warships straight into the deep frontier! They’re going to attack and wipe out all of the core settlements of the sandmen! By the time the warfleet is done with razing all of the sandmen settlements, their civilization will be completely wiped out! The CFA has promised to stamp out the sandman emperor and any other high-caste members of their race!”

A CFA warship was very formidable. Multiple modern battleships and numerous other capital ships formed the nucleus of a huge fleet that was capable of wiping out an entire civilization in a matter of months or years! The number of escort ships that accompanied a typical CFA warfleet numbered in the hundreds!

There was no doubt about the CFA’s determination to shatter the sandman civilization. They were no longer willing to tolerate the presence of this hostile alien race along the border of human space! Gavin stopped smiling. “According to the news I’ve gathered, the CFA left the job of defending interior to the MTA. It’s a matter of jurisdiction, you see.”

The CFA defended humanity beyond its borders while the MTA defended humanity from within. This summed up the essence of their power-sharing deal. “Yes! The rest of their statement is filled with a lot of bureaucratic language, but they’re essentially telling the states that they’re already strong enough to resist the sandman threat on their own! It isn’t worth the effort for the MTA to mobilize their Compliance Department on a massive scale to wipe out the sandmen fleets that are wreaking havoc in human space!”