The Mech Touch-1530 Overwhelming Proof

The Mech Touch-1530 Overwhelming Proof

As Gavin sent him a bunch of news articles reporting on the successful attacks launched by the Ylvainans.To get more news about Read The Mech Touch online free, you can visit freewebnovel official website.

While the Ylvainans enjoyed the advantage of surprise, that shouldn't have been enough to give them a decisive victory on all six incursions. Yet the Kronons fought as if they were possessed, exhibiting much greater battle frenzy than what a stagnant, unbloodied military mech force ought to possess!

Unlike the Bright Republic Mech Corps, the Kronon Dynasty never fought any major battles since the founding of the Protectorate! Their state's isolation gave them very little chance to showcase their prowess, and they had largely been considered paper tigers by foreigners.

From the propaganda footage transmitted by the Ylvainans and the sporadic footage leaked by civilian Starrers on the ground, the battles proceeded very unevenly from the start!"The Star Army isn't some pushover." Gavin told him over the comm. "The Star Faith Collective is a fairly belligerent state and they've had scuffles with most of their neighbors due to their hunger to take over powerful star systems." Well, this time, they've barked up the wrong tree. Despite possessing a considerable defensive advantage, their battle lines crumbled far too quickly against the Kronons. According to the judgement of the analysts, the Ylvainans should have gotten stalled in at least four of the battles, but instead they overwhelmed the Star Worshippers through pure ferocity!"

The Ylvainans shouldn't have won so easily at all six battlefields. The Star Army was not a vegetable, and the Star Worshippers who fought on the defense were just as faithful in their beliefs as their opponents.