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Generally weak eyesight is a problem associated with elderly people. This problem can be caused by some diseases which affect the eye such as cataract Andrew Luck Colts Jersey , glaucoma, myopia, astigmatism, macular degeneration etc. Staring at computer screens, televisions, and cell phones also lead to weak eyesight and an increase in age-related eye problems.

Frequent headache and heaviness in eyes are the main symptoms shown as a result of weak eyesight. Due to excessive pressure on eye muscles there may be problem in normal eye movement. Some persons may experience watering, irritation Nyheim Hines Colts Jersey , and burning sensation in eyes. Short sight, long sight and misty vision are other common symptoms of weak eyesight.

People suffering from poor vision can treat this problem naturally by taking herbal and natural remedies for weak eyesight such as I-Lite capsules. In addition to this, there are many herbal remedies for weak eyesight which are very helpful in improving eye vision. Some of these are explained here:

1.Eating a balanced diet also helps you to improve eyesight. Protection of your eyes begins with the food on your plate. Some studies have shown that nutrients such as lutein, zinc, omega-3 and vitamins A, C and E may help to remove age-related vision problems like macular degeneration and cataracts. Green leafy vegetables, oily fish Tyquan Lewis Colts Jersey , eggs, nuts, beans, other non-meat protein sources, and fruits can help lead to good eye health.

2.You should wear sunglasses for good eyesight. The right kind of sunglasses will help you to protect your eyes from the sun's ultraviolet rays. Too much UV exposure causes cataracts and macular degeneration. You should choose sunglasses that block 99% to 100% of UV rays. Polarized lenses decrease glare when driving.

3.Look away from the computer for better eye health. Staring at a computer screen can cause eyestrain, difficulty in focusing at a distance, blurry vision Kemoko Turay Colts Jersey , headaches, dry eyes, back and shoulder pain etc. Select a comfortable chair and place it so that your feet are flat on the ground. Blink your eyes more if eyes are dry. Every 20 minutes you should give rest to your eyes by looking 20 feet away for 20 seconds. At least every 2 hours take a 15 minute break.

4.Use safety eyewear at home, at work, and while playing sports. Wear safety glasses or protective goggles when you work with hazardous materials at job or home. Certain sports such as ice hockey, racquetball, and lacrosse can also cause eye injury. So wear helmets with protective face masks or sports goggles to shield your eyes.

5.Leave smoking for better eyesight. Smoking makes you more likely to get cataracts Braden Smith Colts Jersey , optic nerve damage, and macular degeneration.

6.Use I-Lite capsules as natural and herbal remedies for weak eyesight. These capsules are purely herbal composition so there is no fear of any side effect from use of these herbal pills. Ingredients of I-Lite capsule are Ferrum, Elettaria cardamomum, Terminalia chebula, Asparagus racemosus, Celastrus paniculatus, Terminalia belerica Darius Leonard Colts Jersey , Glycyrrhiza glabra, Piper nigrum, Ghee and Honey. It is suggested to use I-Lite capsules regularly for three to four months to acquire good result.

Along with the use of I-Lite capsules and above stated herbal remedies for weak eyesight, you should do some eye exercises and should take at least 7-8 hours sleep for resting eyes and improving eyesight. by Xinhua writer Gu Zhenqiu

UNITED NATIONS, June 27 (Xinhua) -- Classically trained in Western opera, Yixuan Pang, a mezzo soprano Quenton Nelson Colts Jersey , has found increasing interest and happiness in Chinese folk songs when she sang them in English to foreigners at the United Nations and in the United States.

"My interest started from my vocal solo concert at the music hall of my college about four years ago when I was in the second year into my graduate program," Pang said in a recent interview with Xinhua, referring to Manhattan School of Music in New York City.

The concert, staged in 2011, was originally intended to show her teachers and fellow students her love for the Chinese folk songs.

"To my great surprise, I learned that some Chinese students were moved to tears by my performance because my songs reminded them of their beautiful hometowns back in China," Pang said. " However T.J. Green Youth Jersey , some American friends came to me after my curtain call to tell me that they felt charming tunes and pleasant music in the songs, but they did not know their real meanings."

The puzzle in the eyes of her American audience prompted Pang to do something to help them because she had the similar experience -- she felt tired when listening to French operas in New York, even when English captions were provided.


"Therefore, I made up my mind to sing Chinese folk songs in English in order to drive it home to more and more American audiences," she said. "This was one of my dreams at that time."

Pang made her debut in turning her dream into reality in September 2014 when she began her presentation "China: A Lyrical Journey," which featured songs and lectures at New York University, thanks to assistance of Wen Xuejun Marlon Mack Youth Jersey , a veteran Chinese translator at the United Nations who helped translate many popular folk songs into English.

She worked like both a tourist guide with a map of China and a professor in a classroom, singing and lecturing to help foreigners better understand the famous folk songs from China's different provinces.

She picked up a folk song from a province she marked on a map of China, which was flashed on a big television screen, singing the song in English after or before introducing customs and conventions of the province where the song was originated.

"To spread the knowledge of Chinese folk song and fine traditional Chinese culture, I selected seven of the most representative Chinese folk songs from different regions . Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping Cheap Jerseys China Online Cheap College Jerseys Nike NBA Jerseys Cheap Authentic Soccer Jerseys Cheap Authentic MLB Jerseys Wholesale Retro Soccer Jerseys China Nike NFL Jerseys China Adidas NHL Jerseys Free Shipping Authentic NFL Jerseys Free Shipping