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Kayaking is the process of paddling a kayak on water that is moving. While some people consider it to be a sport, others do it for mere recreation. There are multiple forms of kayaking Patric Hornqvist Jersey , and the two most common are Sea kayaking and Whitewater kayaking. While traditional kayaks were made from wood and animal skins, most kayaks today are made from materials such as kevlar or fiberglass. Some people will challenge fast moving rivers by using a kayak to move through certain sections of a river. These trips may last a single day, or could last multiple days. Whitewater Racing is a professional competition in which racers will attempt to use kayaks to outrace each other.

The term creeking is used to describe kayaking in difficult rivers. People who practice creeking can expect to run into slides, waterfalls Evgeni Malkin Jersey , and ledges. Slalom is another form of kayaking in which racers will try to get to the bottom of the specific part of a river. Not only must they move quickly, they must also move around gates, and these are poles that have been set up at certain points in the river. Most Slalom races will have over 20 gates on a single course, and they must be properly navigated. Playboating is another variation which places an emphasis on the artistic side of kayaking instead of the speed.

With this style Kris Letang Jersey , the participants will generally remain in one portion of the river, and will seek to move from one point to another. However, they will need to work against the power of the river in order to achieve this. Kayaking is a sport that is popular in places that have strong river. However, it can be dangerous Bryan Rust Jersey , and some participants have died in the most difficult rivers.

This is a devastatingly powerful way to extend your marketing reach. For this to work right you need a website that promotes your business.

It doesn't have to be complicated, just professional looking with good content. It is vital, however, that there's a place for visitors to sign up for a free mortgage consultation.

If you don't have a site you can still make some money with this email so read on.

First Justin Schultz Jersey , make sure that you get the email address of every client you do business with. When you close a loan send the client a simple email. Something like this:


Dear (Client Name),

Thank you for choosing me for your home financing needs. I hope the experience was a positive one. And I trust that you are happy with your home loan.

I'm running a limited time promotion right now that might benefit you. You see, I've learned through experience in this business that people in the market for a home loan usually know others also in the market.

My first objective with every client is to provide them with the right product for their needs at a good price in a friendly, honest and efficient manner. I sincerely hope I have lived up to this goal in my dealings with you.

You should know that not all mortgage brokers are guided by these same principles. If you have friends or family who could use my services wouldn't you feel better if you knew their broker would do right by them?

Here's what I'd like to ask of you. Copy and paste the block of text below into a blank email. Insert the name of one of your friends who could benefit from a home loan and send it to them. Send it to as many friends as you know who are in the market for my services.


Hey Jack Johnson Jersey ,

Check out this website. I used this guy for my loan. He was straight with me and I got a good deal.



Not only will you be doing your friends a favor, you'll have the opportunity to get a free set of movie tickets. For every one of your friends who comes to my website and requests a free consultation I'll give you two movie tickets good for you choice of any movie in the area.

I'll know they were sent by you because your email address is embedded in the website address. When your friends get to my site it'll record their visit.

At Your Service,

Your Name & Contact Info


This strategy does require some technical expirtise but nothing too comlicated. Your office techie should be able to set this up for you. And, of course Mario Lemieux Jersey , you'll be out the cost of a couple of movie ticket for each lead you get this way.

Please feel free to use or modify the above sample email and use it in your business as you see fit.

To Your Prosperity,

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