Madden NFL’s all-new mode this year is called The Yard

[url=][b]madden nfl 21 coins[/b][/url] Madden has taken itself too seriously for decades as the realistic-as-it-gets facsimile of NFL football. The next game is flipping its hat around and sitting backward on its chair all to let you know that it has a cool side too.

Madden NFL’s all-new mode this year is called “The Yard,” and it’s an homage to backyard games that EA Sports says will feature the kind of “fast-paced small-sided gameplay” football fans have found in NFL Street and other arcade-style titles.

Two major features taken from NFL Street are its upgrade system and its campaign. Players can upgrade every single person on their team with each game won [url=][b]cheap madden 21 coins[/b][/url] and it’s obsessively interesting to watch how each can drastically improve. Early on your team will struggle completing passes and won’t be too capable of running the ball. Dedicating a few hours will change this immensely as you’ll end up pulling off some of the most absurd trick plays in the game.

The first taste of The Yard is out today as part of the Madden NFL 21 Mobile launch. That's a free app meant to promote the official Madden 21 launch in late-August. It has a singleplayer version of The Yard. On PC and consoles The Yard will have full online multiplayer functionality. However progression carries over between mobile and the official Madden.

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