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Complete Guide to Salvia Divinorum Extracts Health Articles | October 8, 2012 Salvia divinorum is a natural plant that is capable of inducing different sights and visions when taken in right dosage.

It has effects similar to LSD but this one is a naturally occurring psychedelic plant compared to the synthetic composition of LSD, thus making it safer and more beneficial compared to LSD.

An experience using salvia divinorum is characterized by a feeling of slight dizziness after the first minute of ingestion, followed by gradual loss of mobility and a feeling of having on a dream-like state. At the peak of the experience Pete Johnson Buckeyes Jersey , one may be able to traverse dimensional rifts, can also see different patterns of bright lights and may have experience interacting with a ?super human being?. A salvia divinorum experience may be characterized by a pleasant sight; all consists of bizarre but like living in a fantastic world, or a vision full of chaotic experience, as if heshe reached the entrance in hell, and in some cases Braxton Miller Buckeyes Jersey , a feel of void, empty being just floating at the outer space.

Because it is hard to obtain salvia divinorum?s effects perfectly when only chewing and swallowing it,a method was invented to make things easier. Salvia divinorum extracts is obtained by filtering the plant?s naturally occurring ?psychotropic molecule? called ?salvinorin-A?. This is the chemical which is responsible for inducing hallucinations in the human mind. By containing only the necessary component, salvia divinorum extracts made it easier to obtain the high level psychedelic effects without having to take more. For example, a 10g salvia extract maybe 25 times more potent if compared to 10g plain salvia leaf. So Archie Griffin Buckeyes Jersey , you do not have to take a hundred, or maybe a thousand pieces of leaves just to see a bizarre creature, just with 3 pieces of salvia extract capsules, you can reach the remotest dimension.

How salvia divinorum extracts are made? Bulk amounts of leaves are harvested from the Mazatec Garden. They are then subjected to a chemical solution like acetone. After that, they will begin the extraction of ?salvinorin-A?. After the collection of salvinorin-A Eddie George Buckeyes Jersey , they will then begin put them in a capsule, or onto another leaf.They may also use organic chemicals in extraction like alcohol or vinegar. The latter extraction medium is healthier and safer, so consider buying extracts that is produced using those mediums.

Now, the salvinorin-Awhich is extracted from the leaves, can also be added or mixed to another leaf Nick Bosa College Jersey , thus, creating an end product: ?enhanced leaf?. That enhanced leaf can be further enhanced again by adding another set of extracted materials from other leaf. Now, when an enhanced leaf is further enhanced, that will be called 2x enhanced leaf. It can be further enhanced until it reached the manufacturer?s desired potency level, which is commonly up to ?50X enhanced leaf?.

Now K.J. Hill College Jersey , they will produce a lot of enhanced leaf, say 10x enhanced leaf. After they have produced a generous number of 10x enhanced salvia leaf, they will again extract them, thus creating a final product which is called ?salvia divinorum extract 10X?. That is how those 5X, 10X Gareon Conley College Jersey , 20X things are being produced when it comes to salvia extracts.

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