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Speaking of Michael Lewis, his article on (now former) Texas Tech coach Mike Leach is a trip. If you like American football, do yourself a favor and spend time on SmartFootball. There's a lot there on the spread offense, which you now know something about after reading the NYTimes piece on Chip Kelly..

It is a Peer to Peer public network or a blockchain. Ethereum has its own cryptocurrency called Ether. The purpose of Ethereum is to be a network on which smart contracts can be run efficiently. Besides, the power generation and distribution index surged 8.7 percent, the highest level since the beginning of this year. This reflects the production efficiency and added value of the city industrial products. However, along with positive signals, uncertainties in the city investment environment were also revealed clearly.

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Spoke to his wrestling coach and he told me that Cain doctor cleared him to use his right hand in training two weeks ago, but he not sure if Cain ready to use the left hand yet, reported. Not sure if he be ready by November. He said he won rush into the fight that targeted for then.

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