Jarrett Stidham Hat

It is easy to answer the question relating to your family, study Jarrett Stidham Hat , future planning etc. Here I am discussing some important questions whose answers must be well-thought and need preparation.

1. What should you tell us about yourself?

Possible Answer:

- I am graduate of .......... University. I completed my post graduate diploma in Marketing Management from YMCA. I worked in ABC International for three years as Marketing Executive. I was able to motivate my team in such a way that we mostly achieved more than our target. I always want to do something more for the company I am employed by.

2. What motivated you to join our company?

Possible Answers:

- I think I shall get a good environment in your company that nurtures growth and talent development.

- Mental faculties of a person develop in a right working environment. I have heard that your company provide such an atmosphere that helps the employees to work to the best of their capability.

3. Why do want to leave your present jobcompany?

Possible Answers:

- New ideas are not appreciated there. The company is resistant to change. It causes job dissatisfaction.

- There is no scope for promotion or progress.

- I like challenges but my present job doesn聮t provide any..

4. What are your strengthspositive traits?

Possible Answers:

- I am able to learn everything very fast. I am competent and disciplined.

- I am enthusiastic and know how to motivate people.

- I can take quick decisions under touch circumstances. I don聮t lose my nerve.

5. What are your weaknessesnegative traits?

Possible Answers:

- I am over-concerned regarding the quality of my work.

- I may lose my sleep if I make some errors in my work.

- I don聮t feel comfortable in parties and functions.

6. Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

Possible Answers:

- Working happily at a senior position in this company.

- Marching with the company like a determined soldier to scale new heights of innovation and progress.

- Working harder in this company for further promotion and achievement.

7. What did you likedislike about your presentlast job?

Possible Answers:

- I likeliked the other persons of my department.

- I likeliked travelling and meeting new people.

- I dislikedisliked resistance to new ideas.

- I feelfelt uneasy at the limited opportunities for advancementpromotion.

8. Give me an example of a time when you made a mistake. What was it and what were the consequences?


(You have to write an example from your personal experience)

9. Did you ever try to give a new idea to your boss that benefited the

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