I've updated the link to EVE

Looks useful and great, but EVE Mobile ISK it doesn't seem to work. Shifting what to build from the dropdown doesn't change the number of resources needed.I also looked a little into the cells showing ores needed. People where hardcoded so that I suspect someone edited them?The sheet ought to be read only so only OP can edit without creating a copy.I fixed it in my personal backup,put this formula in cell G14 and drag it over the remaining part of the mineral cells into the right to find the correct amounts.

I fixed it in my own personal backup,put this formula in cell G14 and drag it over the rest of the mineral cells into the right to get the correct amounts.I just madea copy of this sheet and please note that in the public copy somebody added a room after teh word Tritanium making it where it doesn't match...gotta eliminate that space if this formula was not functioning for you.I have posted a new link into the dictionary that should hopefully work for everyone again.

Amounts not changing for me either, the sheet seems broken right now. "Amount required for ship" values are incorrect for me, I am testing Caracal Navy Issue and it is reporting 62k but ingame I visit 6658, an order of magnitude error.People could make changes and violate the very first sheet I posted. If you click on the upgraded link above you'll get a personal copy of the newest edition of the sheet. Give it a moment for scripts to load but then things should calculate appropriately. Do not forget to update the efficiency values based on your skills!

Thank you for all of your hard work and effort, made a copy.Thanks a whole lot! Here is the best indy spreadsheet I found! Made a copy for me personally too.Putting TNS about the map. Good job Lucrin. You're the man!It doesn't seem like it is working at this time, perhaps someone altered the values of some of the cells, but great work in general!

I've updated the link to the sheet so it should work today. Sorry about that!Hi, sorry to bug you on here for tech support, but it feels like my copy is only updating market prices and not the material demands for everything. It's all stuck in the reqs for a dramiel, both when I manually type a ship in and when I pick from dropdown. Any advice?Try getting the latest version in the upgraded link above. It may take a couple of minutes for the scripts to load and everything to work properly.Made a backup, thank you for sharing!

Personally, I haven't bothered hooking up anything to the"market api" as something is unreliable at best and inaccurate at worst. Not even close when I am looking at it. I will wait for a formal apiBut otherwise, fantastic work! Very similar to what I did for my alliance.Ya I'm actually taking some averages out of that data to attempt to create the best estimates possible. Unfortunately this is the best we have for the minute but cheap eve echoes isk I am optimistic at some stage there'll be an official api from the devs.