It's an Entirely different reality in OSRS

Do not even bother using it for RuneScape gold altars anymore. Make a few hidey holes, do some quests and out that there isn't any purpose at all for the ability to exist. The ability serves no purpose.Needs an whole rework and people will need to stop pretending like getting an in home Bank is a sport destroyer, as if we do not have 1 click boundless accessibility to several banks with the ability to come back into our prior location just as instantly.

Times have changed greatly. If you want construction for a good worthwhile cosmetic QoL ability to build a fantastic home with, you want banking, correct trophy display, the present portal need a tune up, or it may be a mini world park concept: 1 portal site with unlocked teleported locations added to it by charging it. Aka all of spellbook teleports available should you pay the cost to charge it just like it currently is. Training the ability with higher EXP rates outside your home the proper manner, and then you build the true home parts after you are the right level. HOUSE THEMES are have to have ++++. That is much more of an expansion to the already in place walls and flooring option.

Personally I would be 100% down with Construction being a money sink little to no practical use in the sport. The home itself can do with performance. Like, we can not even lay on our beds or sit in our seats. Let us move the furniture around and create a home. If we are given the choice at least to be liberated and appreciate it as a house then I think that would be a happy medium. You gotta give it usage or performance since it stands it is a waste of money and that I only leveled it to get to Prif.

Personally I'd be 100% down with Structure being a cash sink with little to no practical usage in the game.Let us move the furniture around and make a home. If we are afforded the option at least to be free and enjoy it like a house then I think that would be a happy medium. You have ta give it usage or performance because as it stands it's a waste of money and that I only leveled it to get to Prif. And being able to sit down in a chair is the reply to this?

In RS3 we already heal at banks and also have multiple 1 click teles into a bank. We can break everywhere for run energy, not that we ever really come to an end. We've got lodestones for quick teles around the map, akin to portals. Wardrobe storage could be accessed from our banks. PVM hub has Prayer/summoning restore crystal as well as adrenaline crystals, and is easily accessible to most players. Spell book swap is a skill Cape advantage and could be done from any bank.

I am a maxed iron and I can honestly say the only thing I ever use my home for is making teletabs to processor them for hints, fixing my degradable equipment for sightly cheaper and storing old pets that is do not have decorative over rides. Everything else there is a better option available outside the skill.Also, more so for ironmen: Free fortunates, construction xp and cheap OSRS gold onyxs by seeing your own Fire daily.